Månad: Kan 2014

Infödda Win32 Linux-kommandon för Windows 7

I was just scouring the web to look for an equivalent to the Linux touch command on Windows 7 and landed on this goldmine. A set of native Win32 Linux commands! This is a better option than running Cygwin since applications run on native (that word again)

Ändra logotyp i WordPress logga Sidan

Inloggningssidan för din WordPress blog visar logotypen för WordPress, om du vill ändra den till din egen logotyp kan du göra det genom att lägga till den nedan kod i filen functions.php teman. Change the “/yourimageurl/logo.jpg” with the URL of your logo,no need to

Hur till installera Tomcat 8 på en CentOS 6 VPS

In the following tutorial you will learn how to install and set-up Apache Tomcat 8 on your CentOS 6 VPS. What is Tomcat? Apache Tomcat (before known as Jakarta Tomcat) is an application server developed by the Apache Software Foundation that executes Java servlets and renders

Dina frågor om tjäna pengar på nätet snabbt

George asks… How can I earn a living on-line quick? Martin King solutions: I discover it straightforward to become profitable on-line when you achieve the expertise, know the proper course of and instruments to become profitable on-line. To earn cash quick is so simple as advertising

Dina frågor om WordPress Admin Login

Charles frågar ... WordPress.org problem (admin inloggning URL fungerar inte – SNÄLLA HJÄLP? Hallå där, Min webbplats är badbhabhi.com och jag har använt http://badbhabhi.com/wp-admin att logga som nu omdirigerar till http://badbhabhi.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http:/% 2Fbadbhabhi.com% 2Fwp-admin% 2F&återautentisering = 1 och jag har ingen aning om varför !!! Jag uppdaterade Custom gemenskapen temat min blogg använder…

Dina frågor om Linux Server Configuration Tutorial

Paul frågar... LDAP-serverkonfiguration och handledning? Hej alla jag vilja veta LDAP (ljus vikt Directory Access Protocol) dess användning, betydelse, användning och hur man ställer in LDAP-server på Redhat Linux, please help and if any one have tutorial or documentation regarding the above subject

Dina frågor om webbplatsen Setup Checklista

John asks… I want to create a website similar to ebay? Hello everyone, I really want to create a website that lets people trade certain things and promote there business locally. I have no programming experience and dont want to get into it, so what are

Dina frågor om Digital marknadsföringsstrategi

Donald asks… Have idea about digital marketing strategy? Can any one give me digital marketing strategy idea? Martin King answers: Its a very broad term. Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, E-postmarknadsföring, Ad Sense. Regarding the strategy, it depends on what the website requirement is. Jag…

Dina frågor om webbplatsen Setup Tutorial

Robert asks… Need help to advertise my websites, not getting enough visitors. Any suggestions? Martin King answers: Driving traffic to your website requires the placement of SEO metatags. Achieving high search engine placement will drive Net traffic to your website. We are assuming that you have

Hur man installerar ImpressCMS på en CentOS 6 VPS

ImpressCMS is free and open source content management system developed by the community. This PHP based CMS makes the building and maintaining of dynamic websites an easy and fast process. ImpressCMS is a powerful system that is an ideal solution for a wide range of users.

Utesluta bilder (bilagor) från sökresultat

Som standard, WordPress includes every post types on its search results pages. That includes, Inlägg, bilagor, pages and others. Till exempel, if one searches for the term ‘Wordpress’ on a WordPress site, which has the default settings, all post types that include the word ‘Wordpress’ will

Den översta bildspel Plugins för WordPress

Har du letat efter ett sätt att lägga till en smidig bildspel till din WordPress webbplats? Visa bilder på din WordPress webbplats är en sak, att kunna ha dem visas i en cool reglage är en annan. There are a lot of different plugins out there

Hur man gör en Magento butik SEO vänliga i 10 Steg

  Magento is an extremely widespread ecommerce platform, nevertheless it suffers from a lack of default SEO optimizations. Tack och lov, with a few tweaks and a couple of extensions, you’ll be able to optimize your storefront to turn out to be an SEO powerhouse. 1. Use URL

Den bästa WordPress Plugins för RSS-flöden

Displaying RSS feeds in your WordPress website is a good way to offer your guests with useful hyperlinks to different helpful info. Använd RSS-feeds från olika webbplatser för att visa information eller aktuella artiklar överliggande den identiska ämnen som din blogg eller hemsida. No matter how

Ska jag använda Nofollow vid länkning på samma IP?

Links are the highways, the connections Google makes use of to determine the relationship between pages. A web page with no incoming hyperlinks is invisible; it can’t be listed until submitted immediately. Links are how pages are found, how customers discover them and the way they

Hur man hittar influentials på Twitter

Who are the important thing influencers in your business on Twitter that you simply want to join with?Networking with individuals who have a big viewers, and whose viewers pays consideration to what they’ve to say, could be very helpful for you, when their viewers is your

Vad är skillnaden mellan domän myndighet och PageRank?

  Two measurements of a site are sometimes thrown round as essential metrics on your site to work on enhancing. One of those is the Google-created and measured PageRank. The different is the third-celebration Moz creation, Domän myndighet. What goes into measuring these and which is