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Windows 10 & Nova politika procesori – Objašnjenje

  Ево једна занимљива. Nedavno, Microsoft je najavio da neće podržati pre-Windows 10 operativnih sistema na novoj generaciji Intel i AMD procesore, poznat po imenu popularni Kaby jezera i Ryzen, odnosno. Ово звучи као застрашујући сценарио. Kao i uvek, Интернет је…

Preuzimanje jesenje lišće teme za Windows 10, 8 i 7

The Fall Leaves theme features 11 high quality images to decorate your Desktop. This beautiful themepack was initially created for Windows 7, but you can use it in Windows 10, Windows 7 i prozore 8. RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance

Kako da poništi prozore 10 Aplikacija za poštu

Whether you like it or not, the Mail app is the default and first introduced in Windows 8. It was horrible in Windows 8, although started getting better in Windows 8.1. Međutim, Sada, u operativnom sistemu Windows 10, it has improved dramatically. Na žalost, it still has issues with

Microsoft za podršku Skylake na Windows 7 i 8.1 ipak

Microsoft announced back in January that future processors would only be supported by the company’s Windows 10 operativni sistem i ne prethodnim verzijama operativnog sistema Windows. Ovo je iznenađujuća da mnogi korisnici i preduzeća, kao Windows 7 i prozore 8.1 are still supported by the

Kako se čuvanje Web stranice kao PDF datoteku u Microsoft ivice

  Windows 8 i prethodne verzije operativnog sistema Windows ne podržava PDF datoteke iz kutije. Dok nije bilo ugrađenih aplikacija za PDF čitač u operativnom sistemu Windows 8/8.1, korisnici morali da koristite alatke za proizvođača da biste sačuvali Web stranica i dokumenata kao PDF datoteke. Save webpages in

Priroda HD #50 teme za Windows 8 i prozore 10

Priroda HD #50 teme za Windows 8 i prozore 10 features amazing, gorgeous nature and landscape images in high resolution. To get this theme, click the download link below, and then click Open. This will apply the theme to your Desktop. Tip: If you are Windows 7

Da Windows 10 Patch Updated Again

In June of 2015, Microsoft launched a special update that was supposed to make upgrading to Windows 10 iz operativnog sistema Windows 7 ili Windows 8.1 much easier. What has ensued is a piece of code that gets updated regularly and when updated leaves a wake of angry

Box Clever by Saving your Files in the Cloud

There are many cloud services that allow you to upload and download your data from anywhere and Box is yet another multi-platform solution with a native Box app for Windows 8. Box is already incredibly popular, with around 25 million users and 225,000 companies using it,

Analizirati i oиisti WinSXS fasciklu

We have talked in length about the WinSXS folder back in 2010 and how it comes up regularly as one of the largest folder on the computer when storage is analyzed using tools like WizTree. Windows Explorer and third-party programs report a size of several Gigabyte

Ako ne želite da Windows 10, Uradi to!

Reports are coming in by users from around the world on sites like Reddit that machines running Windows 7 ili Windows 8 have been updated -- once again -- operativni sistem Windows 10 automatski. They report that the update was automated, and that they did not receive