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Тешка грешка у ВПА2 протоколу оставља Ви-Фи саобраћај отворен за прислушкивање

Ваздушни нелагодности која су постављена у безбедносним круговима у недељу док су припремљена за објављивање високе тежине пропуста у ВПА ИИ протокола да би било могуће да нападачи прислушкивати Ви-Фи саобраћај пролази између рачунара и приступним тачкама. Доказ-на-концепт екплоит…

The Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing for Bing Search

Na površini, it doesn’t appear Bing gets much search traffic, but when you consider it also powers Yahoo, you start realizing that perhaps optimizing for Bing isn’t such a bad idea. Here’s what Bing and Yahoo’s search traffic looks like compared to Google’s: Although even

3 Backend popravlja da biste povećali brzinu stranice

Page speed is an important factor in search rankings and conversion rates. Every improvement to page speed will likely result in more sales. We’ve addressed page speed at, most recently, “10 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Site Speed” and “Google Analytics: Using Site Speed Data to Improve

200+ Slobodan visoke PR Dofollow sajtove druљtvene 2016

In this Tutorial I am sharing 200+ best free High PR Dofollow Social bookmarking sites list that will help you to get High Ranking on Google Search, Sites Page Rank, Domain Authority, Traffic Etc.. High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2016 High pr Dofollow social bookmarking sites

Kako da podesite Nginx za raspoređivanje opterećenja

  Load balancing is a very useful technique to distribute the incoming network traffic across a number servers. With this technique you can reduce the resource usage, lower the response time and avoid server overload. U ovom predavanju, we will guide you through the steps of

Botnet je mnogo je delimično iza masivne DDOS napad od petka

Malware that can build botnets out of IoT devices is at least partly responsible for a massive distributed denial-of-service attack that disrupted U.S. internet traffic on Friday, according to network security companies. Since Friday morning, the assault has been disrupting access to popular websites by flooding

Google Analytics: 4 Novi izvještaji za SEO

In May 2016, Google Analytics launched new reports for analyzing organic search traffic. Now you can view search engine data and Google Analytics data side-by-side, in the same report, to gain deeper insights into how well organic search traffic (from Google Search) performs on your site.