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Microsoft Rolls kroz prozore 10 Кумулативна КБ4041676

  Мицрософт је избацио кумулативни упдате КБ4041676 за Виндовс 10 Креатори ажурирање (Верзија 1703). Док смо далеко само недељу дана од јавног објављивања Виндовса 10 Пасти Аутори А Упдате 17. октобра, све остало је добијам закрпе, previše. Ова исправка долази као део…

Microsoft lets Cortana reply to your Skype messages

  AI voice assistant finds answers to your questions, and recommends restaurants Skype users will now be able to rely on Cortana to help them finish off sentences and find information for people they are chatting to. Microsoft has unveiled the new feature for its VoIP

Microsoft Launcher for Android – Features & Preuzimanje

  With Joe Belfiore making announcements on Twitter about the discontinuation of Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has already advanced towards other mobile operating systems in the market. Microsoft has been pushing apps to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The recent announcements include Microsoft

Microsoft ivice sada na iOS, Uskoro u Android

Microsoft announced that its Edge web browser is now available for iOS devices, while an Android version is on its way soon. The company is also relaunching its Arrow Launcher for Android phones and now calling the Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft Edge For iOS & Android Microsoft

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

There was no shortage of question marks when Microsoft announced plans to launch its own line of Surface PCs, but credit where it’s due, in the space of five years, Surface has become a benchmark for others in the industry. Surface Laptop is widely regarded as

Microsoft Pix za iOS Update sa više AI boli

Microsoft je Pix kameru aplikacija za iOS ažurirana je automatski Otkrij table za pisanje, dokumenti, i vizit karte u realnom vremenu. „Microsoft Pix je probijaju granice razumevanja slika, using AI to take better pictures of everything from a snapshot of your kid in new sneakers