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Instalira GNU gotovinu računovodstveni softver na Linux Ubuntu

Instalirajte softver za finansijsko-računovodstvene GNU gotovinu za Linux Ubuntu. GNU gotovine je dizajniran da bude jednostavan za upotrebu, Ipak je moćan i fleksibilan, GnuCash vam omogućava da pratite bankovne račune, dionice, prihodi i troškovi. Kao brz i intuitivan iskoristiti kao knjiћicu dnevnik, it is based on

Best Comic Book Readers for Linux

Brief: If you are fond of reading comic books on your desktop, you can use these comic book viewers for Linux. I used to be a huge fan of comic books. You might have grown reading Batman, Superman, X-Men etc, but I spent my childhood and

Install G’MIC 2.0 Plugin For GIMP in Ubuntu Linux via PPA

Install G’MIC plugin for GIMP image editor in Ubuntu Linux. G’MIC is a full featured GIMP Plugin for image processing. The latest release, G’MIC 2.0 comes with a new versatile interface, based on Qt. It also brings smart coloring, an original automatic line-art coloring filter. G’MIC

This Linux Malware Targets Unsecure Raspberry Pi Devices

Brief: Some Raspberry Pi devices are susceptible to a malware that enslaves the devices to mine cryptocurrency. If you are running a Raspberry Pi device with the default login credential, you are at risk. A Linux malware, Linux.MulDrop.14, that infects Raspberry Pi devices has been detected.

Terminal Commands To Check CPU Information On Linux

Terminal commands to check cpu information on Linux. Commands to get cpu information such as check cpu usage, command processor info, check cpu cores and memory info on Linux Ubuntu System. lscpu lscpu command displays information about the CPU architecture. lscpu gathers CPU architecture information from

How To Adjust Screen Brightness In Linux Ubuntu

How to adjust screen brightness in Linux Ubuntu Systems. Install Brightness Controller Utility and easily control brightness of Linux Ubuntu screen. Brightness Controller allows you to control Brightness of your Primary and Secondary Display in Linux. It is a software based dimmer. It allows you to

How To Add & Switch Users In Windows Subsystem For Linux

Windows 10 is very serious about bringing Linux to its user base. Come September and Windows 10 will add support for various Linux distros. The existing Windows Subsystem for Linux got an update with the Creators Update. If you’ve already upgraded to the Creators Update, you

Green Recorder For Ubuntu – Desktop Recorder For Linux

Install Green Screen Recorder on Ubuntu. Green Recorder is a simple desktop recorder for Linux Ubuntu systems. Green Recorder is written with Python and GTK+ 3. Since 2.0 puštanje, it supports Wayland on GNOME session. Green Recorder 2.0 on Ubuntu Run the following commands in Terminal

Skype 5.0 Beta Is Here, Becomes The Default Install

Microsoft has just released the beta version of its new Skype application for Linux. This new version, despite being in stable, has replaced the existing Skype 4.3 on its website as the default download. If you are not already aware, until now, Microsoft used a Qt