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Vrh 10 iOS 10 Savjeti za Ajfon

It’s been a little while since Apple released iOS 10 to the masses and overall it seems like a good update. I held off updating until recently just in case there were any major bugs in the initial release. Now that I’m using it daily, Ja…

iOS 11 wish list: Apple TV Express

  Apple TV Express could plug in, power on, and get anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac up onto your television. Nintendo Switch lets you game like a console in your living room, then pick up and take your gaming on the go. Instead of

10 Najbolji indikator apleti za Ubuntu 16.04

  We list some of the most useful indicator applets for Ubuntu 16.04 u ovom članku. If you are in a mood to make the most out of your desktop; you need to install some of the best indicator applets for Ubuntu 16.04. For beginners, we

Najbolji selfie se lepi za iPhone

What are the best selfies sticks for the iPhone? Love ’em, hate ’em, or ban ’em, the selfie stick has definitely left it’s footprint on our modern world and pop culture. Whether they’re your favorite tool during your vacation, or a piece of your iPhoneography arsenal,