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iOS device not showing up in iTunes for Windows 10

  Is your iPhone or iPad device not showing up in iTunes on Windows 10/8/7? Here are some possible solutions that will let you fix this problem. iTunes allows users to move files between your computer and iPhone or iPad. Without iTunes, it is quite difficult

Kako instalirati Ubuntu dodir na vašem Android uređaju

Kanonski, матична компанија Убунту у једном тренутку је развој оперативног система за Андроид уређаје. Звали су овај потез начин да "поремети индустрије" и променити начин на који користимо мобилне телефоне тако што пуну Линук десктоп на мобилном. Након неколико година, они…

Fujitsu develops wearable, hands-free translation device

Today Fujitsu announced the development of a new wearable device which aims to facilitate frictionless communications between Japanese speakers and visitors to Japan. It expects the device to be particularly useful in healthcare and claims it has achieved a world first in wearable, hands-free speech translation.

Udaljenog uređaja ili resursa neće prihvatiti vezu

  When your Internet connection is not working properly, you may run the Windows Network Diagnostics Troubleshooter to fix the issue. While it usually ends up fixing your problem it may at times throw up a message – The remote device or resource won’t accept the

GnuBee: Lične blobfree NAS/oblak servera za hakere

GnuBee is a personal NAS (Network Attached Storage) cloud server that is currently being funded on Crowd Supply. It is a low-cost, low-power, NAS device that runs GNU/Linux and it is claimed to be based on free, libre, and open source software. No proprietary drivers needed

Šta da radim kad ne upalim vaš iPhone ili iPad

Have you got an iPhone, iPad or iPod that refuses to turn on or appears to be ‘bricked’? There’s a good chance that your iOS device is still fundamentally functional, but you just need to use some gentle persuasion to wake it up. In any case,

[Tip] Onemogućite ili uklonite aplikaciju „Windows Defender Security Center” u operativnom sistemu Windows 10

Onemogućite ili uklonite aplikaciju „Windows Defender Security Center” u operativnom sistemu Windows 10 Windows 10 novije verzije kao što su tvorci Update i kasnije potiču sa “Sigurnosnog centra za Windows Defender” апликација која ради као фронтенд за традиционалну Виндовс Дефендер програма. To pomaže u praćenju zaštita od virusa, zaštitni zid…