Kako promijeniti skladište korpe za otpatke u operativnom sistemu Windows 10?


Recycle Bin is actually a filter that stores all the files and folders that you delete, for the time being so that you can retrieve any data you want any time. Recycle Bin can recycle trashed data to the original folder. This wy you can save any mistakenly deleted data. The amount of data that is stored in the Recycle Bin depends on the storage of the bin. This means you can keep on deleting data nd he deleted data will be stored in the bin until the store is full. If you have multiple drives, then each o the drive can have separate recycle bin settings. Međutim, if you want, you can increase the capacity of the bin.

1. Right click on Recycle Bin. Kliknite na Svojstva

Rbin settings

2. Now select your Local Disk, that is Local Disk C:

RBin settings

3. Now check under Settings for Selected location, there is an option called Custom Size. The default size is 7030 MB. You can change this value by removing it and entering a new value (in MB).

recycle bin settings

That’s all!




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