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How to Switch From an iPhone to an Android Phone

Apple iPhone users once looked down on the army of Android phones out there—and let’s be honest, many still do—but that’s a hard stance to take these days. Android apps are flourishing, and the handset selection is amazing, thanks to manufacturers like Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, OnePlus,

BlackBerry za začetek Android telefon s brez tipkovnice

  BlackBerry vzmah omarico način ščiti občutljive podatke v napravi BlackBerry je razkrila svoj nov admiralska ladja telefon ki gre vse na dotik in odloži dobavitelja običajno fizično tipkovnico. Uradno razglašeni na teden GITEX tehnologije, potekala v Dubaju, včeraj, Blackberry gibanje…

Best Bluetooth speakers for your phone (2017)

If you’re after a great-sounding speaker to fire out music at your house party or to take on the road, these brilliant Bluetooth blasters will do the job. Here’s our pick of the best Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your phone or other mobile

Kako v udarec s šibo od Android telefon iPhone

Early Android phones were sluggish, inelegant, and error-prone. That’s no longer the case—just look at the Galaxy Note 8 or LG V30. The one issue that remains? Android fragmentation. Hundreds of thousands of users are running different versions of the OS, even if they have the

Apple Watch je prvi Sprint CDMA-prost telefon

The new LTE Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t have the CDMA radio system upon which Sprint and Verizon have long relied. And yet it makes phone calls. No Sprint device has combined those factors before, and the watch’s abilities hint at a future when a wider

[FAQ] Vse, kar ste želeli vedeti o Jio telefona

Everything You Want to Know About Jio Phone If you live in India, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard about the upcoming cheapest 4G phone called Jio Phone from Reliance Jio Infocomm. Now-a-days, Jio Phone is one of the most viral topics on social media