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View and Modify Your Monitors Settings with ControlMyMonitor

ControlMyMonitor is a free portable tool from NirSoft that allows you to view and modify the settings of your monitors, including brightness, kontrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, color presets, itd. Deluje na katero koli različico operacijskega sistema Windows, from Windows Vista and all the way to Windows

Windows Server: Protected Privileged Accounts

  V tem Vprašajte Admin, I’ll outline some of the security features in Windows Server that can be used to help keep sensitive accounts safe. Windows Server contains several technologies to help keep privileged accounts secure, including the Protected Users group and Authentication Silos. Pred…

Memory Cleaner for Windows

Windows manages the memory usage quite efficiently without any user intervene but there might still be some room left to improve. And that’s why a lot of System Tuning Utilities out there are still making options to clean up the RAM to make your PC run

Shotcut Is A Windows Movie Maker Alternative

Microsoft has deprecated Windows Movie Maker officially earlier this year. If you have a new machine or reinstalled Windows from scratch, chances are there isn’t a free video editor that you can get from Microsoft, unless you have upgraded your Windows 10 to the latest this

Validate the Integrity of Installation Media

  V tem Vprašajte Admin, I’ll show you how to be sure the source media you use to install software in your business hasn’t been tampered with. In a previous Ask the Admin, I talked about the clean source principle, which states that a system

Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10 FCU

  V tem Vprašajte Admin, I’ll explain how Controlled Folder Access can help protect users against ransomware. Ransomware has been in the headlines a lot this year. WannaCry has been the most notable example, exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows that Microsoft had already patched. Automatic updates

How To Install OpenSSH in Windows 10?

  V prejšnjih različicah sistema Windows, like Windows 7, Razgled, itd, installing and running SSH was not an easy task. The situation was somehow same for the Windows 10 Ustvarjalci posodobitev. But the Fall Creators Update has improved the system and eased the process of running

How To Activate GodMode in Windows 10?

  V sistemu Windows 10, the Settings Option is primarily distributed between the conventional Settings Menu and the Control panel. V sistemu Windows 7, the Control Panel used to be the main center for all sorts of settings options. But with the present Windows version, some of the