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Install Google Hangouts client ‘YakYak’ via Snap in Ubuntu

YakYak, an open-source desktop chat client for Google Hangouts, now can be easily installed in Ubuntu via Snap package. YakYak features: Send/receive chat messages Create/change conversations (rename, add people) Leave/delete conversation Notifications (using native OS notifications) Drag-drop, ulitek-pasta ali priložiti gumb za nalaganje slik. Hangupsbot sync room

Memory Cleaner for Windows

  Windows manages the memory usage quite efficiently without any user intervene but there might still be some room left to improve. And that’s why a lot of System Tuning Utilities out there are still making options to clean up the RAM to make your PC

Firefox 57 Released! Over 2x Faster Than Before

Mozilla Firefox reached the 57.0 javnost že danes. The new release, Firefox Quantum, features a completely new browsing engine makes it over twice as fast as before. Mozilla Firefox 57.0 release highlights: A completely new browsing engine. A redesigned interface, and optimizations for touch screens A

View and Modify Your Monitors Settings with ControlMyMonitor

  ControlMyMonitor is a free portable tool from NirSoft that allows you to view and modify the settings of your monitors, including brightness, kontrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, color presets, itd. Deluje na katero koli različico operacijskega sistema Windows, from Windows Vista and all the way to

Surface Book 2 now available for pre-order

prejšnji teden, Microsoft revealed its next generation Surface Book family. The new Surface Book — the Surface Book 2 — comes in two sizes: a standard 13-inch variant favored by manufacturers of ultrabooks, and a 15-inch variant. Both the new Surface Book 2 models are now

Microsoft VR Headsets get a Steam preview on November 15

Microsoft is planning to make a preview of its SteamVR integration available on November 15. The preview should make hundreds of VR apps available on Steam playable on headsets from Acer, Mrežasta tkanina, HP, Dell and Samsung. Doslej, Microsoft has only offered access to developers through

Kako utišati zavihek v programu Microsoft Edge

Microsoft se je pridružil v sodobnem svetu z utišanje podporo za Microsoft Edge. V naslednji veliki različici operacijskega sistema Windows, Microsoft wil zdaj pa izklopite zavihkov, značilnost, ki jo podpirajo Google Chrome in Firefox, To je še posebej uporabna funkcija za krotil spletne strani…