mesec: Julija 2016

Kako ponovno namestiti (Reset) Microsoft Edge brskalnik

Microsoft introduced the Edge browser with Windows 10, the latest version of their operating system. Whilst being a good offering, the browser isn’t mature yet and lacks behind on functionality when compared to the likes of Firefox or Opera. Some issues with Edge include random freezes

AOMEI prekat pomočnik 6.0 Pregled

Prihajam naravnost do točke, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a powerful disk partition management software. Kako spremeniti velikost, ali združiti particije brez izgube podatkov? Čim večji izboljšati učinkovitost delovanja računalnika. AOMEI prekat pomočnika lahko upravljate vaš kolut prekat kot PQmagic. To…

Kaj je BBC + in kako deluje?

The BBC+ app for Android, iPhone and iPad has just launched, offering UK residents a new way to consume and enjoy the Beeb’s content. So what is BBC+, how do you get it and how does it work? What is the BBC+ app? BBC+ is a