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SEO: Ako maximalizovať dlhý chvost

Ecommerce sites are naturally suited to target the long tail of organic search performance. How you optimize your site determines how long its tail could be. The long tail of marketing also applies to SEO. Image: Longtail.com. The long tail of search refers to author Chris

Stručný sprievodca Contrarian elektronického marketingu

Repeat customers are worth more and they cost less to market to. But many ecommerce marketers focus on getting new customers rather than service the customers they already have. Image: Adobe. Search engine optimization, paid search advertising, and digital banner advertising are among the most popular

Ako Link Stavebné pre SEO zapadá s Content Marketing

Content marketing and link building are distinct marketing activities that can be used together. The terms “content marketing” and “link building” describe discrete marketing activities with distinct scope, strategies, and purposes. They are not the same thing. But that does not mean you cannot employ both

SEO: 22 Nástroje, Návody pre Bing

If all of your search marketing efforts are on Google, you could be missing out on Bing. It accounts for roughly 20 percent of all U.S. desktop searches, according to comScore. Bing Webmaster Tools offers a full suite of advanced tools and useful tutorials to help

Google prichádza s Hodnotenie Blog trest?

Dávno, v dňoch zahalené v hmlách pamäte, Guest vysielania bol jedným z najlepších spôsobov, ako dostať odkaz späť na vaše stránky. Môžete ponúknuť až hosť príspevok na priemysel blog, dopyt vedľajšie trať alebo v obsahu odkaz ako vaše…

Ako zlepšiť svoje príjmy pomocou videoreklamy

As a marketer, you always want to be ahead of the curve. The most effective tactics are always the ones that the majority of marketers either haven’t adopted yet or haven’t been successful with yet. One of the current tactics that fall into that category is

Podrobný návod na ochranu pred negatívnymi SEO

You’re checking the backlinks pointing to your site, as you do occasionally, when you see it: a huge spike in links. Na prvom mieste, you’re not sure whether to be excited or scared, but when you look closer, your fears are confirmed—you’re being attacked. Someone is bombarding your site

Ako vytvoriť vlastné Permalinks v WordPress

Do you want to create custom permalinks in WordPress for posts, stránky, and other post types? Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to create custom permalinks in WordPress. Permalinks aka your page URL structure plays an important role in SEO. V tejto…