Microsoft vydáva nový videoklip k vitríne Fluent dizajn v systéme Windows 10

Nový dizajn Fluent systém Microsoft bude robiť jeho cestu k masám s vydaním Windows 10 Spadnúť Tvorcovia Táto aktualizácia Utorok. So systémom Windows 10 Jeseň tvorcovia aktualizácia, users will start to see a touch of the new Fluent Design system across the operating system. Microsoft has also updated some of the stock apps in Windows 10 to include a touch of Fluent Design.

Redmond recently released a new video showcasing some of the new Fluent Design parts in Windows 10, showing off some of the new effects and design elements on the operating system and its official apps. It’s more of a sizzle reel:

The video shows off a number of the stock apps found in Windows 10, but the best implementation of Fluent Design can be found on the Groove Music app, which is effectively useless after the death of Groove Music Pass.

I think it’s safe to say that Fluent Design in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is incomplete. Microsoft is yet to implement all 5 of the Fluent Design building blocks into Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update, and the company is just adding the Acrylic and Reveal highlight effects to the OS for now. While Redmond will be bringing more of the new Fluent Design system to Windows 10, including the taskbar and the Start Menu, you will only be getting a small part of the new design language with the Fall Creators Update. That comes out on the 17th of October.


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