Ako nainštalovať Emacs 25.1 cez PPA v Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04

Zatiaľ čo Ubuntu 17.04 includes the latest GNU Emacs 25.1 in its main repository, here’s how to install the editor in Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, a Ubuntu 12.04 cez PPA.

Emacs 25.1 was released months ago with a wide variety of new features. I’ve written about how to build it from the source. Avšak, a PPA repository will make things easier.

Kevin Kelley has created a PPA with Emacs 25 packages for all current Ubuntu releases. A patch was made into the packages to fix for an `xinput`-related bug that, pri spustení, causes `emacs` to enter an infinite loop; the process will then be unresponsive and will consume 100% of a single CPU core until you kill it.

1. Otvorený terminál stlačením Ctrl + Alt + T alebo vyhľadaním "Terminal" z ponuky Štart. Pri otváraní, Spustite príkaz Pridať PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelleyk/emacs

Type in your password (no visual feedback due to security reason) when prompts and hit Enter.

2. Then update and install Emacs 25 pomocou príkazov:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install emacs25

For text-only interface, nahradiť emacs25 s emacs25-nox in the last command.

Don’t know why, but I need to log out and back in to be able to launch Emacs 25 from the Dash.

Ako odstrániť:

To remove Emacs25, open terminal and run commands:

sudo apt remove emacs25 emacs25-nox && sudo apt autoremove

The PPA can be removed by going to System Settings -> Softvér & Aktualizácie-> Kartu ďalšie softvér.