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Softvér sniffer_gpu.exe jesť CPU moc pevné

This was rather quirky, but after installing DirectX from Microsoft, my pc started to get a gpu error (intel) whenever I run any graphic intensive Adobe software (photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) I found out that an app from Adobe – sniffer_gpu.exe would eat up about 30% z…

Nasadenie softvéru cez WDS

Install software packages during a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) deployment, without Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). In my environment, I had to set up a new Windows Deployment Services (WDS) configuration for Windows 8.1 Enterprise. To roll out in our office (some 20+ workstations). I wanted to

Chyba HTTPS/SSL presmerovanie na výmenu a IIS

Po inštalácii nového Exchange 2013 server I was experiencing some issues after installing a new SSL Certificate and trying to make http:// auto redirect to https:// Depending upon the issue you are having this could solve both in 1 shot.   You receive an Error

Vyberte najlepšie zadarmo Antivirus pre Windows 8.1,8 a 10

Podľa správ, v programe Windows defender v systéme Windows 8.1, 8 a Windows 10 Nemôžem odolať niekoľko moderných hrozby, také ako nula deň útokov bez použitia akejkoľvek tretej strany zabezpečenia apartmán. Fortunately here you can find number of best free AntiVirus for Windows 8.1, 8 …

Microsoft Security Bulletin na marec 2015

Welcome to the March 2015 Microsoft Patch Day overview. The guide provides you with information about all security bulletins that the company released this month. Besides information about each bulletin and links to Microsoft support pages, you find information about affected products as well in this

Resetovať zabudnuté heslá vo Windows

Používanie hesla vyžaduje, že si spomeniete. Ale existujú riešenia, ak si nepamätáte nich. Heslo je potrebné, a na väčšine služieb, tam, kde sú používané, existujú riešenia, ak ste zabudli svoje užívateľské meno a heslo. User password: If we are

Ďalšiu vrstvu ochrany pri použití VPN

Most of us nowadays use VPN In order to protect ourselves and hide our True Online Identity. However what you do not know, is that sometimes VPN‘s might Disconnect and reveal your True Online Identity without any Warning!! That’s what happened to me once, and made

Ako synchronizovať Windows Server 2008 počas spustenia

Click in the clock with the right mouse button and select Adjust date/time, then go to the Internet Time tab, hit Change settings and Update now. Či to funguje, we can proceed. Create a file with the following contents in C:sync-clock.php PHP Code: <? php // Attempt resync system('w32tm /resync', $return_var);

Apache začať problémy v systéme windows 8.1

I recently installed WAMP on my Windows8.1 and installation went fine. Po inštalácii, when trying to start Apache server, I noticed that Apache server is not starting properly and was conflicting with something pre-installed on my PC. At the very first glance I thought it may

Nastavenie protokolu SSL v službe IIS 7.0

This article will walk you through setting up SSL in IIS 7.0 using the IIS Manager. Requirements In order to set up SSL on your server, you will need to first purchase a certificate from a SSL provider such as RapidSSL or Verisign. The Rackspace Cloud