mesiac: Januára 2015

Ako vytvoriť statické stránky v Blogger Blog

Blogger is one advanced platform that provides you some handsome features and we already published a number of posts about it but now today we are going to discuss something about blogger static pages. You know that pages are very important for every blog or website

Ako nainštalovať ASSP v.2 na CentOS 7 64 bit

This howto shows the steps to install ASSP on a minimal CentOS 7 Inštalácia. It does not cover the installation of CentOS nor the setup of the mail server. The CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-Minimal.iso image is suitable for this setup. If you have the DVD image, choose Minimal Install

Ako nastaviť VNC server v OpenSuse 13.2

This guide explains how to configure VNC server in OpenSuse 13.2. VNC is a very convinient way of administrating the OpenSuse desktops remotely. The GUI can be accessed from anywhere over the internet or local network with a VNC client on any OS. The only requirement

SSH kľúč Management s privacyIDEA

In this tutorial I will show, how you can manage your SSH keys for all your servers and different user accounts. Toto je dôležité, if you have more than one SSH key and it is even more important, if you a responsible for many different users

Základné nastavenie MySQL Cluster

The easiest way to have MySQL Cluster installed on Linux is to get the official “server” RPM package and unpack it on every cluster node to be. Ta-dam, service binaries for all node types are deployed and ready to be used – right after you compiled

Čo je Bacula?

Bacula is an open source backup solution. It’s known to be robust enough but yet relatively easy-to-configure. As it is open source, software license costs are nullified. Also a proof to its stability, it’s RPMs and DEBs are to be found in software repositories of the

Ako vytvoriť váš iptables firewall

Pri prvom použití iptables mojím cieľom bolo rovnako jednoduché ako nastavenie spoľahlivý firewall chrániť mojej domácej sieti od nechcenej aktivity, a zdieľať moje pripojenie k internetu na všetkých počítačoch v sieti LAN. Tento článok poskytuje jednoduchý príklad pre takéto účely.   …

mysqldump vylúčiť databázy

mysqldump doesn’t offer an option to exclude a database from the dump, similar toignore-table for tablesBash to the rescue! This short shell script lets you exclude a list of databases #!/bin/bash DATABASES_TO_EXCLUDE=EXCLUDEDB1 EXCLUDEDB2EXCLUSION_LIST=‘information_schema’,’mysql'for DB in `echo “$ {DATABASES_TO_EXCLUDE}` do EXCLUSION_LIST=”$ {EXCLUSION_LIST},’$ {DB}'” Hotovo…

Ako zmeniť časové pásmo na CentOS 6 a 7

  CentOS timezone config files and directories /usr/share/zoneinfo/ – Adresár system timezone obsahuje súbory podľa názvu časového pásma. Napríklad, the file /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York represents time zone for New York. /etc / localtime – It is a symlink to the file localtime or to the correct timezone