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Setup mysqldump without password in cronjob

To setup mysqldump without password in Cronjob, follow the steps below:-

  • Start your terminal and login to your server
  • Create a .my.cnf file in the home directory

vi ~/.my.cnf

Copy the content below and replace with your mysql username and password.

user = mysqluser
password = secret

Now change the file permission to 600 to prevent other user from reading it

chmod 600 ~/.my.cnf


  • Now you can try to execute mysqldump and system will not prompt you for password by now
  • To setup the cronjob

crontab -e

Append the line below to your crontab and it will run mysqldump every night at 12:00 am

0 0 * * * mysqldump -u mysqluser -h localhost --all-databases | gzip -9 > alldb.sql.gz > /dev/null





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