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Set an expiration date for a tweet

Pierre Lagrain former Twitter Employee,developed an app named “Spirit“.With this app you can easily delete the tweets automatically after tweet time period elapses.
You have to give sign into Twitter Spirit app with your Twitter Account.Grant access (read and write permissions) to the app.
With Hashtags you can set an expiration time for your tweets and tweet will destruct itself after the completion of time.
Use hash tags like #5m (for 5 minutes), #5h (for 5 hours),#5d (5 Days) to make the tweets disappear automatically after the expiration time.Use Hashtag in correct format or else your tweet will remain alive even after the expiration date.
How to Disable or Deactivate Spirit App on Twitter.

Revoke access on twitter

Just go to settings page and Click on the apps option.You can see the applications which can access you twitter account.Just Click on the revoke access button next to the app.That’s it.Now you have disabled the Spirit App from accessing your Twitter Account.


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