[Отзыв] Как удалить портал смешанной реальности в Windows 10

[Отзыв] Как удалить портал смешанной реальности в Windows 10

Windows 10 новые версии, такие как Создатели обновление come with a new feature called "Смешанная реальность" (also known as Windows голографические and sometimes incorrectly referred as HoloLens) which allows users to experience virtual reality and 3D environment using several built-in apps such as Mixed Reality Portal, Holograms and built-in simulators.

Mixed Reality apps and features can be used only if you have compatible hardware in your device and if your device fulfills the minimum hardware requirements.

If you don't want to use Mixed Reality Portal and all Holographic stuff in Windows 10, this tutorial will help you in uninstalling and removing it from your computer.

На самом деле Windows 10 allows users to uninstall Windows Mixed Reality feature using its settings page but if your computer doesn't meet minimum hardware requirements to run Holographic stuff, в Mixed Reality settings page is set to hidden по умолчанию, so you can't uninstall Mixed Reality since the page is hidden in Settings.


Don't worry! Mixed Reality Settings page visibility is controlled by a registry key and you can show/hide the page using a simple registry tweak.

So first if the Mixed Reality settings page is disabled in your Windows 10 устройство, follow these simple steps to enable it:

1. Press "WIN + R" key combination to launch RUN dialog box then type regedit и нажмите клавишу Enter. Она будет открыта Редактор реестра.

2. Теперь перейдите в следующий раздел:


3. В правой панели, you'll see a DWORD FirstRunSucceeded. Its value would be set to 0.

Actually if your Windows 10 device is compatible with Mixed Reality and meets the hardware requirements to run Holographic stuff, Windows 10 runs a configuration wizard at installation time which automatically sets value of above mentioned DWORD FirstRunSucceeded Кому 1 which enables Mixed Reality page in Settings app.

If your device doesn't meed hardware requirements, Windows 10 sets value of FirstRunSucceeded DWORD для 0 which disables Mixed Reality page in Settings app.

  • FirstRunSucceeded = 0 (hides Mixed Reality settings page)
  • FirstRunSucceeded = 1 (shows Mixed Reality settings page)

So double-click on FirstRunSucceeded DWORD and change its value to 1 and it'll add the missing Mixed Reality page to Settings app.


4. Теперь запустите Параметры app from Start Menu or using WIN + Я hotkey and click on Смешанная реальность icon present on main settings page. You'll find various tabs in left-side such as Audio and speech, Headset display and Uninstall.

5. To uninstall Mixed Reality, Нажмите на Удалить tab and you'll see a message "If Windows Mixed Reality isn't running well, or if you want to free up some disk space, you can uninstall it".


Click on "Удалить" button, Windows will show a dialog box showing "This will remove Windows Mixed Reality" message, click on "Следующая" button.

It'll ask for restart your computer to finish uninstalling Windows Mixed Reality, Click on "Перезагрузить сейчас" button.

Ну вот. После перезагрузки, Windows Mixed Reality will be uninstalled from your Windows 10 компьютер.

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