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10 Опасные Linux команды, которые вы должны никогда не запускать! Будьте предупреждения во время выполнения!

Linux commands are most interesting, productive and very much helpful. It is most powerful as it never asks for confirmation. But it is very dangerous especially when you have no clear idea about the command. Even small mistakes in a command lead to irreversible loss to

Обзор Netrunner 2016.1

IntroductionThere are two versions of Netrunner available, the standard release which is based on Kubuntu which itself is based on Debian and the one which I am reviewing today which is based on Manjaro which in turn is based on Arch. The Netrunner website has an

Обзор Solus 1.1

IntroductionI once reviewed another Linux distribution called SolusOS back in 2013. That distribution was based on Debian and used the GNOME 2 среды рабочего стола. As with many smaller distributions it showed a lot of promise but ultimately disappeared never to be seen again. There is now

Безопасности документ свидетельствует о том, чтобы удалить McAfee от ПК, находит проблемы в OEM устройства

A recent security analysis of OEM laptops running Windows 10 by Duo Security Inc concluded that all analyzed devices had privacy and network protocol related issues. The seven laptops, produced by Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer, shared many of the privacy and security issues, while some