PyCharm 2017.3.2 Выпустили! Как его установить в Ubuntu

PyCharm 2017.3.2 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu

JetBrains объявила о выпуске Python IDE, PyCharm 2017.3.2, день назад. Вот как вы можете установить его в Ubuntu 16.04 и выше.

Изменения в PyCharm 2017.3.2 включают в себя:

  • Type annotation ahead of time. You can’t put an inline type annotation when defining a variable in a for or a with statement, so you need to provide the annotation in a separate place, read more on the ticket. This is now supported in PyCharm.
  • ‘Show command line afterwards’ now works correctly for remote interpreters. And further fixes to this feature
  • Various SQL syntax fixes for PostgreSQL and Oracle (PyCharm Professional Edition bundles all DataGrip features)
  • React code completion improvements (PyCharm Professional Edition bundles all WebStorm features)
  • И многое другое, see the release notes for details

PyCharm 2017.3.2 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu

Как установить PyCharm 2017.3.2 в Ubuntu:

You can easily run the new release in Ubuntu either via:

метод 1: official Linux binaries. NON-INSTALL version, just extract and run executable file to launch the IDE:

Download PyCharm Linux binary

метод 2: or install the Snap package. App run in sandbox. Поддержка Ubuntu 16.04 and higher:

Simply open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching for ‘terminal’ from app launcher. Когда он открывает, выполните команду:

snap install pycharm-community --classic

PyCharm 2017.3.2 Released! How to Install it in Ubuntu

For professional edition, run following command instead:

snap install pycharm-professional --classic

После установки, launch the IDE from your application launcher and enjoy!


To remove the snap packages, either use Ubuntu Software or run command in terminal:

sudo snap remove pycharm-community pycharm-professional

For those who prefer traditional Ubuntu PPA, keep an eye on the launchpad PPA.