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Pixel Caffeine WordPress Plugin

Маркетинг на Facebook не то же самое больше.

В отличие от несколько лет назад, когда Facebook страницы используются, чтобы быть полностью свободными и один может рассчитывать на вождение приличного трафика из них, мы не можем полагаться на вождение много органического трафика от Facebook страниц.

This is why most bloggers have started taking the help of paid promotions on Facebook in order to have their articles reach their target audience.

And thanks to retargeting, paid marketing is not as costly as it used to be. If you don’t know what “retargeting” is, Эта статья will help you understand.

Joanna from Moz explains retargeting like this:


If you have never used retargeting before, then this is the best time to get started.

Retargeting is a well-known feature among digital marketers and bloggers who buy traffic from Facebook, Google, и других платформ.

In order to get started using Facebook retargeting, you need to add the Facebook retargeting pixel on your site.

После этого, you can promote a post on Facebook and show it to anyone who visited your site in the past few months.

You can take this marketing technique one notch up by using the Facebook Custom Audience Функция. In the context of a blog, you can set up a custom Facebook audience for a particular category or section of your site.


  • I have set up a Facebook Custom Audience for visitors who have visited the WordPress category on ShoutMeLoud. Теперь, when I want to promote a blog post related to WordPress, instead of promoting it to visitors of all the pages on my blog, I promote it to only visitors who have visited my blog’s WordPress-related pages.

This simple, yet effective, tweak will ensure better visibility and engagement, and it will also cost less.

Setting up Facebook pixels and creating a Custom Audience is easy for any marketer, but for bloggers who are new to digital marketing, this could be a little overwhelming at first.

Однако, you have me here to help you learn! Today, I’m sharing with you a free WordPress plugin called “Pixel Caffeine” which will let you do lots of great stuff.

Stuff like:

  • Set up a Facebook pixel.
  • Создание Custom Audience.
  • Set up a conversion event (advanced feature).
  • Track an eCommerce conversion (Supports EDD, WooCommerce).
  • And a lot of other things…

This video will give you an overview of how to use this plugin:

Короче, for anyone who is looking to create laser-focused custom audiences in WordPress, this is one of the best plugins out there. This is the same plugin I use here at ShoutMeLoud for this exact purpose.

What I really like about the Pixel Caffeine WordPress plugin is how newbie-friendly it is. Even if you have never used Facebook ads, set up pixels, or tried the Custom Audiences feature before, you will be able to do so with the help of this plugin.

One important suggestion: Even if you don’t want to run Facebook ads now, you should still use this plugin to add Facebook pixels. В будущем, it will help you to promote your blog on Facebook or the Facebook Audience Network when you are ready to put some money into Facebook Ads. Sooner or later you will be needing to use Facebook Ads as Facebook’s organic reach has declined to an all-time low.

ВАЖНО: In order to use this tutorial, you need to know how to set up a Facebook pixel. Если вы не знаете как это сделать, read this post here:

How To Configure Pixel Caffeine WordPress Plugin:

Хорошо, so let’s get started and set up this awesome Facebook advertising WordPress plugin.

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard, and then install and activate the “Pixel Caffeine” WordPress plugin.
  • Нажмите на Set Up Now after activating the plugin. Note: If you have not watched the above-embedded video, this is a good time to watch it.


You’ll now be in the Общие параметры Площадь, and here you need to connect your Facebook account. В качестве альтернативы, if you are an experienced user, you can add pixels manually.


  • Нажмите на Facebook Connect, and link the plugin to your Facebook Ads account.
  • Select the Facebook Ad pixels you would like to use.

Facebook connect

  • Нажмите на Применить, и нажмите на Сохранить to apply these changes.

Колодец, congratulations! You’ve just added a Facebook pixel to your WordPress blog. Now everyone who visits your WordPress blog will be tagged, and you can run Facebook Ads which only target those visitors.

Теперь, для этого учебника, our job is half done. The next thing is to set up our Custom Audience. Для этого учебника, I’m setting up a Custom Audience for users who have visited the ShoutMeLoud SEO category.

Setting Up Facebook Custom Audiences Based On WordPress Category:

Нажав на Custom Audience tab will give you multiple options. For the sake of this tutorial (users who’ve visited the ShoutMeLoud SEO category), let me outline two options.

Параметр 1: Using words in URL to create Custom Audiences.

Here I will create a Custom Audience based on users who have visited any page of ShoutMeLoud which contains the words “SEO” or “backlinks” in the post URL.

Follow the screenshot:


Параметр 2: Using WordPress categories/tags to create Custom Audiences.

В этом сценарии, Наши Custom Audience will be based off of a specific WordPress category and/or tag.

Here’s what we need to do:

  • Нажмите на Add New Filter рядом с Special Filters раздел.
  • In the “Users based on” drop-down menu, Выберите Blog Behavior.
  • Click on the circle marked Категории.

The plugin will now automatically pull up all the categories of your blog and you can select which category you want to target. (I’ve chosen the SEO category.)


  • Нажмите на Сохранить, и нажмите на Create A Custom Audience.

That’s it! You’ve now created a Facebook Custom Audience.

Using The Pixel Caffeine WordPress Plugin

If you get decent traffic on your blog, in a few minutes, Facebook will prepare your Custom Audience Для Вас. Once that’s ready, you can start promoting your articles to these newly-created, laser-focused Custom Audiences.

Про Подсказка: You can also use Facebook lookalike Custom Audience feature to further reach out to a closely related new audience.

For those who are using Легко цифровые загрузки и WooCommerce, you can also take advantage of this plugin to show ads to people who have left your site in the middle of buying something. You can design and set up a funnel that can offer them a special discount in order to make money from what would otherwise be a lost sale.

Извлечь Этот пост to learn more about retargeting.

As I said above, even if you are not ready to run Facebook Ads right now, you should add Facebook pixels and also set up Custom Audiences based on categories and/or other parameters

Believe me, this information will come in handy sooner rather than later.

Общая, the Pixel Caffeine plugin is a great way to achieve this objective. Это бесплатно, простой в использовании, эффективное, и эффективное. It’s an absolute must-have.

Download the Pixel Caffeine WordPress plugin

Here is one more video about this plugin that you should watch:

Прежде чем вы идете, I have one quick question – Are you using any kind of Facebook Ads or paid ads on other platforms to drive traffic? How’s it working out for you? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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