How To Rotate Desktop Screen In Ubuntu

How to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu. Install ScreenRotator Indicator Applet on Linux Ubuntu Systems and rotate Ubuntu screen. ScreenRotator can be used to rotate the display on Ubuntu Systems.

Install ScreenRotator on Ubuntu


ScreenRotator is a wonderful indicator applet to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu. It is an easier ways for rotating the screen on Unity Desktop. The applet can also be used to control screen brightness.

Please note tha ScreenRotator applet requires python3-gi to work seamlessly. Which means, you’ll have to install python3-gi before you could install ScreenRotator. Open Terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt install python3-gi

Once Python is installed, download the indicator from project’s GitHub page and then follow the steps given below:

  • Download ScreenRotator (.zip)
  • Extract the folder.
  • Navigate (cd) inside the folder.
  • Run ./ to launch the ScreenRotator indicator.
  • Once open, you can see the ScreenRotator indicator in the Ubuntu Panel Bar.
  • Use it accordingly.

You can rotate screen without the indicator applet. To rotate screen, open System Settings, go to Display then Rotation and then click the rotation and confirm it.

ScreenRotator –

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