Încercaţi Firefox trimite – proiectul Mozilla pe partajarea de fişiere sigure

Mozilla, cel din spatele populare web browser-ul Firefox, launched a secure file-sharing projected called Trimite, practic, introducerea Războiul de date online, partajare de afaceri cu multe altele. Prin urmare, fluxul de lucru de bază ca un proces de file-sharing on-line, uploads files to get the download link and then share that link with your friend or other parties via email or other communication methods, with one major difference. The link generated by Send will expire after one download or 24 ore, and all send files will be automatically deleted from the Send server.

da, în scurt, Send is a self-destructive online file-sharing service backed by Mozilla.

To start using the service, go straight to Send website, no additional software or browser extension required. It’s a pure web-based app that runs on all major modern web browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

Once you are on the home page, simply drag and drop a file to the upload area. You can upload any type of files, imagini, executables, textul, Cuvântul, etc, as long as the size of the file doesn’t go over 1 GB.

The file you dropped on the site will be encrypted before uploading to Mozilla’s Send server. The link will be generated and shown on the site right after the upload is completed with a notification mentioning that

The link to your file will expire after 1 download or in 24 ore

When the other party opens the link Send generated, they can immediately download the file from Send website.

But if the link is expired, you will get a page like below instead.

There are three main benefits using Firefox Send:

  1. You can share any file up to 1 GB.
  2. The file you are going to share is encrypted before uploading to Send server, which provides an extra layer of security. Mozilla doesn’t have the ability to access the file you upload. You are the only one knows what your file is.
  3. The file gets destroyed automatically, either after 1 download or in 24 ore.

If this doesn’t sound convincing, please also check aceste 5 free online file-sharing alternatives.

În cele din urmă, let’s see how it works in this one-minute video clip:


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