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Creaţi hyperlapse video cu Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro is a free application for Windows that enables users to create hyperlapse videos from source videos they have captured previously.Hyperlapse videos are similar to timelapse videos but with an added spatial component to them. Instead of showing one scene in an accelerated view

Descărcaţi Windows 10 pentru drum liber

Finally Microsoft presented Windows 10 Preview version. You need to know that Windows 10 available for free for users that have an official Windows 7 sau Windows 8.1. You can upgrade for free to Windows 10. Till official release Microsoft has made available for download the

A instala Ubuntu Linux cu Windows 10

În curând de vânzare, vom avea posibilitatea de a obține laptop-uri cu Ubuntu sau Windows 10 pre instalat. Dar cum despre a avea atât instalat și rulează. Ce am facut, Am primit un nou laptop și instalat Windows 10 dezvoltator previzualizare pe ea, just to show

Cum să resetaţi parola uitata de Windows

What to do if you forgot the password for the administrator account in Windows and now you can’t use your own computer. Fortunately there are more solutions to reset administrator’s password or simple user’s password, and here we’ll present you one of them. How to reset

Repararea GRUB după Intalling Windows

When installing Windows, it will never detect any other Operating Systems like Linux, Windows only sees Windows Operating Systems on the machine, nothing more. GRUB is a Linux boot loader, which helps to load Linux, or Dual-Boot between Linux and Windows. If you had Linux installed, şi…

Repararea bootloader-ul EFI în Windows 8

EFI is for Extensible Firmware Interface The EFI System partition (ESP) is a partition on a data storage device that is used by computers adhering to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). When a computer is powered up and booted, UEFI firmware loads files stored on

Cum să Continue primirea Ferestre XP Updates

If you are a Windows XP user, you probably know that Microsoft ended Windows XP support last April. But not everyone knows that with a simple trick you can still get Windows XP updates. Windows XP will still receive updates because Microsoft still offers updates for

Cum să Root Samsung Galaxy S6 și S6 Edge

Gaining administrative rights on you device, can allow you to remove some bloatware instead of just disabling them. Or you can flash new versions of Android, remove TouchWiz and more. Be aware! Rooting Samsung’s newest phone disables KNOX Security software, which in turn disables Samsung Pay as

Protejarea fişierul HOSTS pe sistemele Windows

If the hosts file is unprotected, malware (adware, viruses..) could modify it and insert redirects to perform phishing and hijacking attacks. Such an attack can for example redirect you to a malicious banking website whereby the URL and interface appear to be correct but under the

Ce este Nano Server?

Nano server is a new installation option in Windows Server vNext that provides the lowest possible Windows footprint possible, significantly smaller even than Server Core. This is possible through a significant refactoring of the operating system and is focused around two key scenarios: Born-in-the-cloud applications Cloud platform – …