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Librem 5: Smartphone FLOSS final GNU/Linux

Purismului este bine cunoscut pentru Linux bazate pe laptop cu Coreboot. Acum au început o campanie de crowdfunding astăzi pentru său smartphone denumit Purism Librem 5. Ce este atât de special despre acest telefon? Este 100% alimentat de la GNU/Linux. You can run any Linux distro on it. The…

LG anunta smartphone LG V30

LG has just announced the third V-series flagship, the LG V30, at IFA Berlin 2017. As expected the V30 builds upon the strengths of the V-series of flagships, this time around LG is hoping to deliver an all round multimedia experience. Several innovations help to transform

Jeleu smartphone copie: atât de mici

The company that built Jelly doesn’t claim it’s the smallest smartphone in the world. (That honor might instead belong to its predecessor, the Posh Micro X.) Rather, Jelly is touted as the world’s smallest smartphone that also includes 4G. Toss in Android 7.0, dual SIMs, o…