Samsung’s Galaxy S7 may come with its own 3D Touch

Samsung Galaxy S7 poate veni cu 3D Touch propriu

Samsung se zvonește că adaptează o nouă tehnologie de ecran sensibil la presiune în Galaxy S7, but it’s not going to be made in house like Apple’s 3D Touch technology that debuted on the 6S iPhone.

Un zvon nou sugerează că Samsung încearcă spre o companie numită Synaptics să utilizeze tehnologia ClearForce în noul telefon emblematic. Tehnologia ClearForce permite viteze diferite de defilare, modalități de deblocare, controale de joc și mult mai mult în funcție de presiunea aplicată.

It’s the same technology seen within Huawei’s Mate S phablet – but that phone hasn’t hit the market just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how it does.

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Raportul provine de la un pârghie pe care Weibo la chemat I ICE Univers, who has shared a few previous leaks from the account on the Galaxy S7 but nothing we’ve seen yet from the account has proven true.

But it would make sense for the company to drop in on the pressure sensitive technology after Apple did so this year with the iPhone 6S, and if Samsung isn’t producing its own technology ClearForce is a good bet.

Another new report has also suggested that Samsung will only release one curved screen phone next year and it’s set to be a Galaxy S7 phone with a 5.8-inch screen. This year we saw both the Galaxy S6 Edge si Galaxy S6 Edge +.

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