Optimize Windows in Virtual environment using VMware OS Optimization Tool

Virtualization is the backbone of many industrial processes these days and being a virtual image engineer, one needs to ensure that the virtual environment is completely optimized and not wasting any useful resources that could be used to optimize the environment. To take care of this concern, VMware Labs have come up with a free optimization tool called as VMware OS Optimization Tool.

VMware OS Optimization Tool

VMware OS Optimization Tool is designed to optimize Windows 10/8/7/2012/2008 systems for use with VMware Horizon View. Acum, what is Horizon View? It is a commercial desktop virtualization service provided by VMware.

VMware OS Optimization Tool

What the tool basically does is, it analyses the environment and brings out the best set of settings suitable for a virtual environment. It can enable/disable few services and make changes to the registry or disable other few bunch of features to ensure maximum optimization.

Some of the optimizations that can be performed with VMware OS Optimization Tool include:

  • Modify HKCU settings
  • Modify HKLM settings
  • Disable additional features
  • Change visual effects to improve upon graphics performance
  • Disable Scheduled Tasks
  • Disable Services
  • Disable Start Up Run
  • Disable UAC
  • Improving Login Time
  • Remove Apps
  • Sound Scheme

The tool is based upon the concepts of Template-uri. A template is basically a predefined set of settings designed for a particular environment. VMware optimization tool comes preloaded with useful ‘Templates’ that can be applied as per your system configuration or you can create your own templates as per your specifications. În plus, you can download the templates created by other users or you can share the templates created by you.


If you are using default templates, then it is advised to go through the list of optimizations once as there might be some optimizations that may disable features that you require in your virtual environment, if there is such a situation you can customize the existing templates as per your specifications by simply selecting the ‘Copy and Edit’ option from the ‘My Templates’ tab. Under the ‘Public Templates’ tab you can download the verified templates provided by other users and also update the existing templates

poţi roll back the changes made to your system by the software by accessing the ‘My History’ tab, this feature comes handy if something does not go right after applying optimization changes.

The tool also allows remote analysis of another computer connected to the same network, to connect to another computer you need to configure the connection by entering the IP address of that computer and some other necessary details.

Ansamblu, the tool is an essential if you want to create an optimized virtual Windows environment. VMware OS Optimization Tool is free to download and install. You can also download Templates and even create your own.

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