Canonice greve afacere să aducă Ubuntu Core Intel de gateway-uri

Ubuntu Core for iotCanonical a facut echipa cu soluții integrate gigant Advantech pentru a certifica Internetul obiectelor (IO și) al companiei Gateway-uri pentru Ubuntu Core.

„Parteneriatul strategic“ înseamnă că utilizatorii de Intel gateway-uri bazate pe x86 Advantech va avea o imagine de Ubuntu certificate și sprijinit pe deplin, gata de utilizare producție.

The deal also nets users access to a number of services to fully manage their device’s security and software.

Oft-neglected in talk of smart refrigerators and network-controlled lightbulbs, Gateways are intrinsic to the ‘Internet of Things’. They act as the “middleman” in the Internet-of-Things, ferrying data from sensors and equipment in the real world to and from that stored and analysed in the cloud.

Ubuntu Core delivers a robust and secure platform through which embedded devices and the web of smart things can communicate.

Jon Melamut, vice president of commercial devices operations at Canonical says:“This partnership confirms Ubuntu Core as the operating system of choice for IoT developers and systems integrators who want to deploy products to market quickly. Ubuntu Core is Ubuntu for IoT and it provides amongst others, a production ready operating system for IoT gateways.”

Miller Chang, vice president of Advantech Embedded Computing Group, says: “This collaboration will enable us to satisfy even more customer requirements and deliver an integrated, pre-validated, and flexible open-computing gateway platform that allows fast solution development and deployment”.


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