Luna: Noiembrie 2015

Care este diferenta intre un HDD si un SSD?

If you’re looking to build a PC, or perhaps ready to upgrade your laptop to a newer, mai repede, more powerful model, you will likely have to familiarize yourself with the major components that collectively contribute to its power. The components depend on your needs which may

Instalaţi FeedReader RSS Client în elementare OS Freya

FeedReader este un client desktop modern pentru RSS-Web-servicii de populare, cum ar fi TinyTinyRSS, ownCloud ştiri sau Feedly. The application features: Desktop notifications Fast search and filters Full articles instead of previews for known sites Tagging (plugin needed for Tiny Tiny RSS) Sharing to “read-it-later” services like Pocket

OnePlus oferte cablu USB-C, Adaptor restituiri

The devices "are safe to use with the OnePlus 2, but are not exactly playing nice with non-OnePlus devices. OnePlus is offering refunds on its USB-C charging cables and adapter after a Google engineer warned that they could be dangerous. The devices "are safe to use