Luna: Poate 2015

Program de afiliere pentru Youtube Views

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Utilizând adresa IP Private Server nor

Each Cloud Server comes with two addresses that are available for your use. One address is an external ”real-world” IP address that is accessible from the Internet and the other is an internal or “privat” Adresa IP. This internal IP address is on a network commonly

Instalare Server iniţială cu Debian 8

When you first create a new Debian 8 server, there are a few configuration steps that you should take early on as part of the basic setup. This will increase the security and usability of your server and will give you a solid foundation for subsequent

Creați un hotspot WiFi pe Ubuntu

Creating a WiFi hotspot means: 1. Creating a network 2. Sharing your internet connection with other devices through WiFi How to Turn your Ubuntu Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot 1Click the Gear icon on the panel and go to System Settings > Network select Wireless from the

Cum se dezactivează AT&T agendă

If you found annoying the AT&T Address Book popup when you use Contacts then this tutorial is for you. How to get rid of the AT&T address book popup 1Call Method Somebody says that dialing at *#*#2666#*#* and setting Registration to Completed, disables the AT&T address

Cum la spre fix Msvcr100.dll nu a fost găsit

Msvcr100.dll error message may appear when you try to run or install certain programs, or when Windows starts up. (We met this while trying to run the fresh installed Android Studio) Simply reinstalling the program you tried to run or replacing the DLL file, doesn’t solve the