How to Restore Null IMEI # Samsung Galaxy & Fix Not Registered on Network

For user who is facing Null IMEI issue, after upgrading galaxy device on wrong baseband, then most of the time you will see the null IMEI, it is happen because we manually update our galaxy device without confirming its baseband. This similar problem is the main reason for not registered on network issue, because your unique identity number is null after it. So let’s follow us to Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # & also the Fix Not Registered on Network.not-registered-on-network-cover



Fix Not Registered On Network.


1: Dial *#06# on phone. It will confirm your IMEI number, after dialing *#06# you will see a number then your device is ok, but if you see the null/null then you defiantly have to reconfigure your device.

2: Now dial *#197328640#    or *#*#197328640#*#*.

3: After dialing the code you’ll be promoted to the command mode (developer’s mode).

4: Just select 6 number option.

5: Now Select the option number 1 ( FTM ).

6: If the device FTM status is on, then make it off by pressing the FTM off.

7: Selecting FTM off, will restored your null IMEI.

8: Now press the menu key and then enter option 2. (It will turn off FTM ).

9: Wait few seconds, and then remove your battery and also sim. Now wait more for 2 minutes now re-insert the battery but not the sim. Turn your device on.

10: Once your device is turned on completely then dail *#197328640#.

11: Select the Debug Screen.

12: Select phone control.

13: After selecting phone control select nas control.

14: Then “RRC(HSDPA) ,option 5.

15: After that choose click RRC revision, option 2.

16: Option number 2 then choose option 5 (HSDPA only).


Time to Restart your device and insert sim card in it, then turn your Samsung Galaxy on again and now dail *#06#  and check that IMEI is restored. Carefully follow all the steps and we are sure that IMEI is restored and also the Not registered on network is fixed.

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