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Google [CPC program] is the world’s biggest Online Advertising Tool. It’s not exactly a tool, its a whole big separate program of its own, containing tools like Ad Preview, Google Adwords Keyword Tools etc. Adwords is Google’s main source of revenue which generated around USD $42.5 billion in 2012 alone, and is growing like fire on dry grass. Adwords Offers Cost-per-click program [CPC program] which allow advertisers to pay only for the Clicks they receive on there ads shown on Google Search Engine, its search partners and other publisher websites. The main thing about Adwords is you can set ‘n’ number of ads, and target them to different kinds of people in different location for different keywords. It has a very big diversification.  But this blog post is not for telling you about Google Adwords, if you landed here you must be Searching for How to Reduce Google Adwords CPC.

The question occurs is, Can i really Reduce My Adwords Cost per click?
The answer is YES.

Suppose you were running an Affiliate Campaign of [Click Through Rate] which pays an average commission of $10.00 per hosting yearly account you sell. Now you know keyword “Hosting” is too much costly on Google Adwords, right now its average cost-per-click for first page bid is like $11.43. Obviously if you run your ad with adwords with such a high CPC bid, you will run a huge loss over yourself. Chances of making profit will be very less, as in Hosting type business, click to conversation rate is also not high due to vast competition!
So now I will tell you simple methods by which you can turn this $11.13 into just $1 or even less CPC bid. I will tell you some good tips which will help you lower your adwords CPC not only 50% less or 70% less, but upto 90% less!!

[CPC program]

How To Lower down / Reduce Google Adwords CPC

#1 Use Long Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords are those keywords which are highly and frequently searched and are the keywords that are just like your Main Keywords ,ie, Hosting  in this example. Like you your main keyword Hosting to be there, then why not become more specific? use keywords like

  • web hosting
  • web hosting uk
  • web hosting uk
  • multiple ip hosting
  • multiple ip hosting
  • news hosting
  • ipage hosting
  • online hosting
  • etc

Use keywords just like above specified ones, which already include your main keyword “Hosting” but still have a high searching position and are more specific to your needs. Like you know [CPC program]provides only web hosting, and not email hosting or any other type of hosting. So being more specified will also let your lower your losses and also will provide you meaningful clicks, and save you from wasting your money.

Use [Click Through Rate] for this task. Enter every detail there, like “hosting” in your keyword ideas place, and you may enter “” as your targeted website, select the country you want to advertise in, and fill every detail you can so that you can reduce your waste number of clicks.


#2 Search for Less Competitive and Less Searched Keywords

Second tip to lower down Adwords CPC bid is to search and target on Less Competitive and Less Searched Keyword. This will help gain more better customers as some customers who are new to google will search for anything that comes in there mind, they won’t be affected by what google recommends for them. So search for keywords which are less competitive and less searched. These keywords tend to increase your affiliate sales a lot. Like for above Hosting example, some keywords would be :

  • audio hosting
  • news hosting
  • mp3 hosting
  • webcam hosting

Yes, people are searching for these keywords and they are highly converting keywords! Don’t just take my words, set an Ad Group now and you will see the results yourself.


#3 Always use Broad Match as your targeting type

Using broad match enables your ad to show on keywords which you have not targeted but still your ads are related to that. For example, you have targeted “audio hosting” keyword, but someone searches for “audio hosting in usa”, so that is a keyword related to your ad. And setting this Broad match will enable your ad to show for this keyword too. Broad has many plus points. But other than that, it has some negative points too. That is, if someone searches for “free audio hosting” and your ad will show up there also, but that’s a bad thing as the guy searching for Free will be interested in Real Cheap or Free hosting only, he wont pay much. So your affiliate ad will be a waste for him.


#4 Use Negative Keywords

The solution to the problem specified in Broad Match lies here. Using negative keywords makes your ad not to show for any keyword which contain that specific word. Like if you add “Free” in your negative keywords list, then your ad won’t show up for “free audio hosting” and that stops a lot of waste clicks to your ad and it save a lot in your money. Also as said above ipage doesn’t sell Email hosting, so add “Email” also to your negative keywords list and that will just go smooth.


#5 Better Ad Writing Technique – Better Ad quality Score

Now this is the most important Tip for Reducing Google Adwords CPC. This will enable your ad for a better quality score too. Now suppose you are targeting “audio hosting” and “mp3 hosting”  both in the same ad. And you know including the Keyword in your Text Ad imporved Quality Score. So how are you really going to do it. Its very simple! Write your ad like this :

{KeyWord:Best Web Hosting}

If you include this {KeyWord:blahblah} thing in your text ad, then it will create a dynamic ad, and your this line of ad will no9t always show “Best Web Hosting”, but it will change. Like if someone searches for “Audio Web Hosting” or “Audio Hosting”, this line will change to that keyword!

But be careful, sometimes its harmful too, like Search for “Buy Love” on Google Search Engine, you will see only Ad that is of Ebay, they are selling Love! ROFLMAO….. :’)

So be more specific in adding negative keywords, that will save your from these things.


#6 Monitor CTR [Click Through Rate]

Always monitor your CTR rate. Never let if get too low. Suppose if 1 or 2 keywords in your ad have so less CTR like less than even 1%, then remove that keyword from your Ad Group. As those keywords will only Reduce your Ad’s Quality Score and nothing else, and also these types of keywords waste lot of your money. never let it happen. So frequently visit your Adwords Ad Account and maintain a High CTR rate. A High CTR rate also helps in better Ad Position!


Only 6 tips as of today. But these are not the only one. But yes, these are the best one which always word on Reducing Adwords CPC. So start on them now, and see your results!

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