Privacy policy generation

You need to assure your visitors that your website doesn’t gather or disclose any personnel information about them. Personnel information may be anything. That might be passwords, credit card details, browser cookies or system history. Website which contain privacy policy page gives assurance to visitors. It says that visitors are safe while visiting this website. In this article I am going to discuss about privacy policy. This article gives how to generate it and how to add it to your website or blog.

What is privacy policy?

The answer for this question is very simple. It is a simple document. It gives the way how any organization handles, gathers and discloses the information of their customers. If your website contains this page, it discloses the way how your website handles, gathers and discloses the information about your visitors.

Please don’t neglect this page. Every website and blog must contain this page. If you don’t have this page, there is a chance to get rejection from Google adsense. If you want to get adsense approval you must have this page in your website. Of course it does n’t assure that your blog must get adsense approval. It is also one of the main factor, which is considered by Google adsense. Generating privacy policy is not the tough task.

Privacy policy generation

It is very easy to generate it. I am giving you the simple procedure to create privacy policy page and to add it to your website or blog. Of course you can write it in your own words. If you don’t know how to write this, you must go for privacy policy generators. There are many websites available for doing this. I suggest you to use privacy policy generator. This website does not generate sample privacy policy page, it generates original privacy policy page. It can be directly copied and pasted in you website. This website generates privacy policy which is acceptable by Google adsense.

Follow step by step procedure.

  • Go to
  • Scroll down, enter your website URL and Mail id under General site information.
  • Let the remaining options as it is. If you want you can change them.
  • Click on create “my privacy policy”.
  • In next window your content will be generated.
  • Copy entire content.
  • Log in to your site dashboard.
  • Click on new page.
  • Type page title as Privacy Policy.
  • Paste copied content in the content area.
  • Publish your page.

Now your work is done. Your privacy policy page will be appeared in the main menu. If you don’t want to display it in your main menu, you can place this page in any where in your website.

You can also use widgets to place this page along with about and contact pages in footer widget area. I think better place to place this page is footer widget area. If you are using word press, you can use black studio tyne MCE plugin.

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