Online backup is the safest solution for storing precious photos, videos and documents. To ensure nothing gets left out, Pogoplug offers unlimited storage across multiple platforms.

The service covers as many phones, tablets and computers as you own, with apps available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The software requires little by way of setup, and once installed, it automatically backs up all the content on each device. Everything you upload is protected by military grade 256-bit SSL encryption.

The apps allow you to access your uploaded files wherever you have an internet connection, and you can stream media files straight from the cloud. You can also choose to restore your data to your phone — useful if you accidentally delete a file, or have purchased a new handset — and there are plenty of file sharing options, too.

You can currently get a Pogoplug Personal subscription at a limited-time low price — $19 for one year, and $49 for three years. Each version of the deal takes over 60 percent off the standard price.

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