'Overwatch': 4 Weird Facts About Orisa That Every Fan Should Know

Overwatch’s next hero is Orisa, a towering centaur robot who just wants to do some good in the world. Though she hasn’t been released on the live servers, fans have been able to test her out on the PTR. She’s a new type of hero, one who has immunity to crowd control and an ultimate that can supercharge her whole team.

While waiting for the chance to play her, here are a few important tidbits of information you might want to know before Orisa gallops out into Overwatch.

Orisa Was Designed As An Anchor Tank- In Orisa’s Developer Update, Overwatch Game Designer Jeff Kaplan said that she was designed as an “anchor tank.” Kaplan and his team noticed how important playing around Reinhardt and his shield was to winning games and wanted to design a hero that people could engage with. They invented the term “anchor tank,” which referred to a team’s tank being the focal point of all fights; take out the anchor and the ship floats away.

orisa Orisa and D.Va's mech have a relationship in the fan community, now that's weird.

Efi And Orisa Are Writing Their Story Together- In the same Developer Update, Kaplan says that Orisa is the first hero added to Overwatch without a complicated, year-long backstory. Every other playable hero has either been fighting in the Omnic War, completing acts of espionage, or just plain messing around. Orisa is a new bot who’s never even interacted with the rest of Overwatch’s members.

Fortify Has Some Weird interactions- Orisa has a new type of ability, called Fortify. For a few seconds, she becomes immune to all crowd control; anything from Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter to Sombra’s Hack. It can stop CC before it happens, but not after you’ve been affected, except for Zarya’s Graivton Surge and Mei’s Snowstorm (before you fully freeze). My favorite is a bug on the PTR – if a Reinhardt charges you while Fortify is up, he gets knocked down.

Orisa Is The Only Hero Who Can See Her Feet- No, seriously.


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