‘Outlast 2’ Release Date Set For April 25 Alongside New Bundle

Warner Bros. Interactive and Red Barrels have announced that “Outlast 2” will be released digitally for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC platform on April 25 for $30.

“Outlast 2” is the sequel to the 2013 original which many have seen as the reinvention of the survival horror genre. The sequel was first officially announced back in April 2016 during the annual PAX East gaming festival.

Outlast 2 “Outlast 2” will be released on April 25 in North America.

The first demo for the game confirmed that it will take place in an entirely new setting along with a new cast of characters. “Outlast 2” takes place in an isolated village in the Sonoran desert in Arizona where residents appear to be members of a cult and are very hostile

Players will take control of journalist Blake Langermann whose helicopter crashes and leaves him stranded in the village. Blake is in search of his wife, Lynn, while also uncovering the mystery behind the murder of the woman only known as Jane Doe.

“Outlast 2” carries over most of the game mechanics of the original game, but with added enhancements. Players will once again be forced to sneak and hide from attackers as they navigate throughout the game.

Red Barrels also announced that “Outlast 2” will be released alongside the “Outlast Trinity” bundle that includes the whole series. “Outlast Trinity” includes the original 2013 “Outlast,” the prequel DLC “Whistleblower” and “Outlast 2.”

The bundle, which will only be available physically, will sell for $40 for the PS4 and the Xbox One. For some unknown reason, the “Trinity” bundle won’t be available for the PC, according to PC Gamer.

Outlast Trinity The box art for the “Outlast Trinity” bundle.

“We’ve been lucky to have such an amazing fan base, and none of this would have been possible without their support,” Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin said, as per IGN. “Ever since we released ‘Outlast’ in 2013, a physical version has been one of the top requests, so we’re obviously thrilled to finally give people the entire series in one bundle of terror.”


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