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Update To Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4 on Ubuntu

Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4 released. Update to Kernel 4.14-rc4 on Ubuntu Linux Systems. Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4 brings various hardware and architecture improvements. Nt to forget the networking and file improvements. Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4 Announcing the release of Linux Kernel 4.14-rc4, Linus Torvalds writes: “Another week, another -rc.

Windows 10 Høsten skaperne oppdateringen RTM er her

Microsoft har befridd det RTM byggingen av Windows 10 Faller skaperne oppdatering for OEMer. Windows 10 bygge 16299.15 er det RTM byggingen Fall skaperne oppdateringen, which means this is the build Microsoft will be releasing to regular users once the update starts rolling out

Hvordan du oppdaterer en bestemt pakke i Ubuntu

How to update a specific package in Ubuntu; apt-get upgrade to specific version. Using one of the apt-get upgrade options “apt-get install –only-upgrade”, users can apt-get update only one repository. They can easily update a single package in Ubuntu. Update A Specific Package In Ubuntu You