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Installere Firefox 55 I Ubuntu bruker Terminal

Mozilla Firefox 55 utgitt. Here’s how to install Firefox in Ubuntu using terminal. På Ubuntu, users can install Firefox via apt-get command. Mozilla Firefox 55 is released with WebVR support making Firefox the first Windows desktop browser to support VR experiences. Other performance changes include significantly

GNOME Web 3.26 Legger til støtte for gi avskjed Sync

Firefox Sync support will be the headline feature of GNOME Web 3.26, due for release later this year. We reported back in March that the developers planned to let Epiphany/Web users sync their tabs, bookmarks and browser history between devices using Mozilla’s liberally licensed sync API.

Mozilla Firefox 55 Utgitt med WebVR støtte

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 ble utgitt tidligere i dag. Den nye versjonen har WebVR støtte, raskere starttid, oppdatert adresselinjen og mer. Firefox 55.0 release highlights: Windows support for WebVR. Aktivere maskinvare VP9 akselerasjon på Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Significantly faster startup times when restoring

Hvordan å stoppe GIFs lastes i Firefox

We love GIFs, everyone does. They’re a great way to react to just about everything. If you ever find a particularly active thread on Twitter it will be rife with GIFs. They’re so popular that dedicated keyboards like Giphy keyboard exist so you can easily search

Slik aktiverer Nattmodus i Firefox For iOS

Browsers are some of the most frequently used apps on smartphones. They’re second only to social media apps and most popular social media apps have their own built-in browser. The built-in browsers make sure users don’t switch apps just to view external links. selvfølgelig, disse…

Hvordan slå sammen alle Firefox-vinduer til en

It’s hard to imagine life without tabbed browsing. Before Chrome and Firefox made tabbed browsing a mainstream feature, users had to open multiple windows. This not only took a huge toll on system resources but the many windows were hard to manage. With tabbed browsing, brukere…

PrintFriendly og PDF Microsoft Edge

PrintFriendly and PDF is a new browser extension for Microsoft Edge which optimizes web pages for printing or PDF creation. When Microsoft announced extension support for its Edge browser, hopes were high that this would give the browser a much needed boost to close the productivity