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Review: Cooler Master MasterWatt 650W

Cooler Master has been known for its fair share of innovation over the years. The huge Cosmos chassisnew and oldremains a formidable case for building a high-spec rig into, but the company is aware that it needs a strong presence in more

Gran Turismo Sport review

Something had to give. After Gran Turismo 6, a wild, vast and maddeningly uneven game that whisked players from West Sussex to the moon and back in its eccentric hymn to the automobile, developer Polyphony Digital had to try a different tack. The result, a typically

Adobe Flash Zero Day: Company Patches Spying Vulnerability

Adobe has issued a patch for a zero day security vulnerability used by a notorious hacking group to plant surveillance software developed for use by governments. The patch came shortly after the significant vulnerability was first disclosed by Kaspersky Lab. A Middle East-based advanced persistent threat

ZTE launches Axon M, a dual 5.2-inch screen smartphone

Earlier today ZTE launched an innovative new smartphone which leverages dual 5.2-inch colour displays. The foldable ZTE Axon M opens up and can operate in dual, mirror, and extend screen modes, offering up some useful and unique possibilities. Dual screens obviously offer some excellent multitasking options

Elex review

Without being signed up to work on a big franchise, or having successfully developed one of its own over the course of 20 toilsome years, it can be tough for a studio to launch a new 3D open world RPG in a landscape dominated by Witchers,