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Mobile-første SEO gjør søk konsoll viktigere

I 2018, Google will judge your desktop search ranking by the signals from your mobile site. Google’s mobile-first index, the algorithm update that will flip the importance of desktop sites compared to mobile, doesn’t have a launch date yet, but is said to be coming in

18 Free Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Some of the best resources available to entrepreneurs come in the form of podcasts. Through monthly, ukentlig, and even daily shows, listeners can learn from the expertise and experiences of serial entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. Here is a list of useful podcasts for entrepreneurs. Det er…

105 Leading Social Networks Worldwide

  This post will list all leading English-language social networks as of Sept. 2017. It will also indicate social networks that were added since the 2015 artikkel, by placing “(New)” beside the name. General Purpose Social Networks Facebook continues to be the number one social network

Bruke Google Analytics for e-handel SEO

Google and other search engines have made it challenging to identify the keywords that drive organic traffic to websites. Jill Kocher’s article, “Understanding Google’s Keyword ‘Not Provided’ Data,” provides a history and solutions for dealing with the lack of organic search keywords. I denne artikkelen, Jeg…

78 Free Responsive Email Templates

Editor’s Note: We first published this article in 2015, as “28 Free Responsive Email Templates.” We updated it in Sept. 2017, under. With more of your shoppers on mobile devices, make sure your next email campaign uses a responsive design that looks good on any screen.

SEO: Forberede for Googles Mobile-første indeks

Google is switching to a mobile-first index in 2018, wherein rankings for desktop and mobile devices will be based on a site’s mobile experience. Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” will identify if a site is mobile optimized and can, også, suggest performance improvements. Most searches on Google are

Best gratis verktøy for å lage Infografikk

What is an infographic? To put it simply, infographics are a graphic that gives information. Graphs, diagrammer, pictures with statistics, even Venn diagrams are infographics. Så, why do we use them? Infographics are a valuable tool to communicate a lot of information to your readers in

How to Draw a Crowd Using FREE GIF Creators

We’ve talked about video, YouTube channels, and images, but why GIFs? Well, a GIF is a shorter version of a video. It’s just as appealing as a video, but takes up less time than a video and can convey your point much more quickly. Rather than

17 Data visualisering ressurser du bør bokmerke

Whether you’re writing a blog post, putting together a presentation, or working on a full-length report, using data in your content marketing strategy is a must. Using data helps enhance your arguments by making your writing more compelling. It gives your readers context. Og, it helps

Hvordan lage perfekt 404 siden

Optimizing your 404 page is unlikely to top your list in terms of digital marketing priorities. Men, it’s not something you should overlook or try to rush – especially if your site is frequently changing URLs. 404s (…or four zero fours if you’re in the military)

Gradvis flytte et handelsområde HTTPS

I oktober, Google Chrome will release version 62, which will warn website visitors with a “Not Secure” message when they type in data — such as site searches and newsletter signups — on pages without HTTPS. Chrome will issue the “Not Secure” warning to all HTTP

21 Verktøy for å lansere et produkt eller

If you’re launching a new product or business, get help from free and inexpensive online tools at every stage of the process — from designing and developing your product to marketing and gathering feedback. Here is a list of online tools to launch a product or