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Juni 2017

Gjennomgang: Acer Aspire VX 15

PC gaming can be frightfully expensive if you get carried away, and that's easy to do given the industry's focus on high-end products. Finding well-rounded hardware at more affordable price points is relatively tricky, particularly in the

Hvordan å tilpasse LXDE skrivebordet

The LXDE desktop environment is one of the best Linux desktops to use if you’re on a PC with low resources. Gitt, all of the lightweight desktops out there aspire to be good for low-resource machines. Men, LXDE is the undisputed

12 useful examples of Linux grep command

I denne artikkelen, we are going to provide you with useful examples of Linux grep command including the two variant programs: egrep and fgrep. grep (global regular expression print) is used to search for text strings and regular

Improve the sound on your Mac for only $10!

When you're listening to music, you want to feel like the sound is all around you. The speakers in your Mac are pretty impressive for being so compact, but they never quite give you that three-dimensional sound that you crave without a