'No Man's Sky' Xbox One Release News: Console Reference Datamined From PC Code

No Man’s Sky on Xbox One and Half Life 3 confirmed? Either Hello Games are trolling us or someone just stumbled in to the holy grail of video games. Players have been datamining, or looking around the source code, for the PC version of No Man’s Sky and have found some pretty interesting things. Neogaf user Hugo Peters did some digging and found a few interesting pieces of information.

  • No Man’s Sky uses a physics engine called “Havok” and inside its licensing files it mentions the Xbox One.

nomanssky_xboxone No Man's Sky on Xbox One?

  • There’s the Half Life 2 logo just sitting around in the source code. It’s not really doing anything but it is interesting that it’s there.

nms half life Sometimes developers like to troll

In my opinion, these are just random files that happened to go out with the game, either to give data miners something funny to find or because Hello Games just forgot they were in there. Big games sometimes have unintended items in their folders just taking up space. For example, if you have League of Legends installed on your computer, it still has icons, store assets and VFX that haven’t been in the game for a long time.


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