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Late Shift review

For those who view video games as an adjunct to cinema rather than an alternative, the rise and fall of the interactive movie in the mid-1990s was something of a befuddling mystery. For a moment, and from a particular angle, the cinematic Choose Your Own Adventure,

Little Nightmares review

Little Nightmares is everything you may have loved about LittleBigPlanet thrown into a sausage grinder with everything you may have dreaded in Silent Hill. A side-scrolling 3D platformer that conjures up a wealth of grisly implications within a brisk five-hour runtime, it reapplies Media Molecule's conceit

Beste shooter games voor iPhone en iPad

Klaar, doel, fire! These great shooters will keep your iPhone and Pad smoking! Shooters are typically high octane fast-paced adrenaline-pumping games that are filled with explosions, daden van geweld, en natuurlijk, veel van geweervuur. They are among the most popular titles when it comes to