Maand: augustus 2016

SearchCap: Google review guidelines, Panda mode & meer

Hieronder is wat er vandaag gebeurd in zoeken, zoals gerapporteerd op Search Engine Land en uit andere plaatsen op het web. From Search Engine Land: Google updates local reviews schema guidelines Aug 29, 2016 by Barry SchwartzNow only reviews “directly produced by your site” can have local

Google updates local reviews schema guidelines

Mike Blumenthal reports that Google has updated their local business reviews guidelines around when you can use the schema markup on the reviews and when you cannot. Here is the new list of guidelines: Snippets must not be written or provided by the business or content

Flowblade Linux Video Editor-Is het geen goed?

Vorige week schreef ik over de nieuwe release van Kdenlive, een populaire Qt-based open source niet-lineaire video editor voor Linux. Kdenlive is enorm populair en om goede reden-het is snel, makkelijk te gebruiken en meestal stabiel. Maar open-source is alles over de keuze, en in de commentaren…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

The Witcher 3 has been released in a new Game of the Year edition, which includes its two expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. To mark the occasion, here's our review of this remarkable game, first published on 18th May 2015. Below you'll also

How To Desktop Screen In Ubuntu draaien

How to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu. Install ScreenRotator Indicator Applet on Linux Ubuntu Systems and rotate Ubuntu screen. ScreenRotator can be used to rotate the display on Ubuntu Systems. Install ScreenRotator on Ubuntu ScreenRotator is a wonderful indicator applet to rotate desktop screen in Ubuntu.

De toekomst van mobiele video is virtuele realiteit

After the dust settles, the real takeaway from Instagram’s cloning of Snapchat is that the connected camera revolution is just beginning. Instagram Stories sends a powerful message to hundreds of millions of people for the first time: No moment is too small to capture with your