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Netflix Downloads

These days, when it comes to my choices for evening entertainment, its all about the streaming services – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc. I personally use the first three in that list regularly on my smart TV. The ability to watch the entire series of say, The X-Files or perhaps an original show like Narcos on Netflix is opening up viewer options at an increasingly fast rate. Most of these options were available to watch on your smartphone or tablet via data usage, but until now, only a few of those services allowed you to download movies and TV shows to your device to watch later. Netflix just took the jump recently and at no added cost. Hurrah! As a person who only pays for one gig of data on my smartphone, this is good news indeed.

Netflix’s action really demonstrates how cutthroat the competition is getting for streaming services. Heck, I wasn’t even aware that Amazon Prime had the download option available so shame on them for not screaming that bit of news from the hilltops. Nowadays you can add things like HBO and Showtime as standalone services and while that definitely appeals to me, you do need to keep an eye on the total costs for all these options or you’ll end up paying way more for buffet services than you did originally with standard cable.

If you want to try downloading Netflix series/movies, keep this in mind –

  • don’t forget to do the downloading via wi-fi,
  • for now, downloading is only available for some offerings, and
  • you need to update your Netflix app to see the new download options

Once you update the app and log in to Netflix, you’ll see the Download & Go screen. Click on Find Something to Download, select an option and then click the download icon to download that show to your device. Now grab those headphones and watch in the waiting room, on the train to work, in an airplane – all free from data charges.

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