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Install Minitube YouTube Desktop Client For Ubuntu Linux

Install Minitube YouTube desktop client for Ubuntu 16.04. Minitube YouTube app is a YouTube viewer (online) for Ubuntu Linux Systems. It can be used to watch YouTube on Linux Ubuntu Systems, without using the web browser. Using Minitube YouTube app, Ubuntu users can watch YouTube videos

YouTube Plus for Firefox and Chrome

YouTube Plus is a free add-on for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser that provides you with dozens of configuration options to improve your YouTube experience. Additionally, it is also available as a userscript for you to install in other web browsers that support these

Google's smart Wi-Fi routers just got even smarter

Google's OnHub series of wireless router are getting even smarter today thanks to If This Then That (IFTTT) integration. Users can now set up "recipes" to command the router automate simple tasks. Sebagai contoh, if you want to know when someone is home, you can create

Facebook Messenger Dropboxes the mic for easy file sharing

Not content to let Facebook's new chatbots do all the talking on Messenger, today it was announced that the Facebook platform would share a deeper integration with file-sharing service Dropbox. While Messenger has always offered the ability to share photos and video from your phone directly,