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Epal Isu Kenyataan Kemaskini Penuaan Battery

Following the attention that Apple had gotten over the past few weeks regarding the discovery of mechanisms that reduce CPU frequency on devices with aged batteries, Apple has now issued a more comprehensive statement and apology addressing the matter: First and foremost, we have never —

How To Save A Membership Or Store Card To Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is an amazing, underrated feature in iOS. It lets you save things like your boarding pass, coupons, concert tickets, and more to your phone. It basically takes all the paper/cardboard clutter from your wallet and digitizes it. There are limitations to the feature though;

Apple Devices Could Have Reversible Emoji Next Year

Apple Devices Could Have Reversible Emoji Next Year The Unicode Consortium has proposed new guidelines that would allow for reversible emoji. Dalam erti kata lain, emojis such as a car or train that currently face to the left or right only would be able to face either

ProBeat: MacOS akar kelemahan harus panggilan bangun tidur Apple

Apa yang lebih teruk daripada yang mempunyai kata laluan mati-mudah yang sesiapa sahaja boleh meneka? tiada kata laluan. Untuk pergi bersamanya, mari kita menambah nama pengguna yang sesiapa sahaja boleh memasukkan. Itu betul-betul apa yang berlaku kepada Apple minggu ini: Sesiapa sahaja boleh log masuk ke Mac anda dengan nama pengguna "akar" dan…

Best VPNs for Mac OS El Capitan and High Sierra

For a long time, the collective wisdom was that Mac users didn’t need to worry about security, as most cyber-attacks on personal computers were focused on finding and exploiting flaws in the Windows operating system. This lead to many casual users getting the impression that the