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Intel Rebrands Kaby Lake Pentiums to Pentium Gold

Intel has announced plans to rebrand its current generation Pentium processors, and future generations, to ‘Pentium Gold’ чипови. The rebranding reflects Intel’s intention to position the latest Pentium CPUs above the previous generation parts. Starting from November 2nd, Intel’s boxed Pentium G4560, G4600, and G4620 processors

Intel Coffee Lake Explored

It’s only been ten months since Intel unleashed its Kaby Lake processors, but the blue team is already back with its next generation. It’s called Intel Coffee Lake, it’s designed to tackle AMD, and it’s going to give your PC a boost to rival the best

Intel Skylake-X Core i7 7820X CPU Review

Intel’s announcement of the X299 (Basin Falls) High-End Desktop (HEDT) platform initially had a few people shaking their heads, myself included. It all seemed very rushed and many claimed it to be a response to the recent Ryzen/ThreadRipper line from AMD. Whether it was or wasn’t,

Intel intros self-learning chip codenamed Loihi

Intel has released some news concerning its first neuromorphic computer processor. Still in its test stages the chip, codenamed Loihi, has a design that is said to blend ideas from semiconductor science, physics, and biology. By definition neuromorphic designs mimic neuro-biological architectures. Intel Loihi prototype chip

Intel WiGig line discontinued

Intel has issued ‘Product Discontinuancenotices for a range of WiGig technology networking components. As The Register reports, Intel sought to sell WiGig fast wireless networking components for laptops and peripherals, however it never really gained traction. Intel WiGig product orders will no longer be taken

Како да дознаете што вашиот генерација Интел процесор е

  Додека смена на проблеми на вашиот компјутер или купување на нов компјутер, можеби ќе сакате да знаете што вашата генерација Интел процесор е. Интел е ослободување на новата генерација на процесори речиси секоја година, and you must attempt to buy the latest generation Intel CPUs only. во…